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A Redtail Leather "Tooled" Seat

I started out riding about 10 years ago with store bought solo seats. They suck. You fight more to stay on your bike and seat then enjoy anything about the ride. So I started making my own and it turned into people really enjoying my work a lot. With the better contoured bend all the pressure is off your ass and spread out instead of being in one place.  I make the pans out of 10 gauge steel which is gone through a series of bends. They don’t bend back or sway when you ride. All bolts are tig welded . I use neoprene foam it’s about .35 to .50 inches thick.
- 100% hand crafted, hand stitched leather seats.

- These seats are very original. I put 100% into every seat so have faith in your purchase.

- There is a very good size lip on rear for hauln ass jockey shifting, suicide shiftin, or using your hand for lane changing.

- You will never find yourself between your seat and fender, i promise. I am not saying that the lip looks out of control. It just works, makes you feel one with the ride of course your ride.